General FAQ's

When will I receive the products after placing the order ?

Upon successfully placing the order we process the order and pack the products carefully and ship within 24 hours. We use industry leading shipping service providers to make sure the order reaches at your doorstep within 3-5 working days depending on the location..

Are your products FSSAI approved ?

All the Nutrabliss products are 100% safe and are formulated as per FSSAI guidelines therefore are safe to consume..

Can I request for refund if I don't like the product?

We are sure that we would love our product However in the scenario please refer to our refund policy for better understanding..

Product Faq's

Is it OK to take different supplements at the same time?

Combining supplements typically doesn't hinder their individual functions and can sometimes yield advantages. For instance, vitamin C enhances iron absorption. Additionally, vitamin D with calcium can promote better bone health and absorption and so on..

Can some supplements stop medicines from working?

Supplements will not generally stop medicines from working. However, there are interactions between nutritional status and the action of some medicines..

What's the difference between Whey Protein and Plant-Based Protein?

Whey protein (from milk) is fast-absorbing, ideal for post-workout. Plant-based proteins (peas, soy, etc.) can be slower-digesting and often lactose-free. Both offer protein benefits! Whey is a complete protein, while some plant sources might need combining for all essential amino acids. Choose based on your dietary needs and preferences..

Can I find Nutrabliss products in stores?

Currently, Nutrabliss products are primarily available online through our website. However, we are always expanding our reach, so check back for updates!.

Does Nutrabliss offer free shipping?

Yes, Nutrabliss offers FREE DELIVERY ACROSS INDIA for all orders, regardless of payment method (prepaid or cash on delivery). However, for international orders outside India, additional shipping fees are charged based on the weight of your order. The total shipping cost will be automatically calculated at checkout.

What products does Nutrabliss offer?

Nutrabliss offers a wide range of high-quality supplements for various needs, including digestive health, brain function, joint health, bone health, and overall well-being..

Does Nutrabliss' Pro Digestive Plus help with lactose intolerance?

While Nutrabliss' Pro Digestive Plus contains digestive enzymes that can help break down various food components, including lactose, it may not be a complete solution for severe lactose intolerance..

What are the benefits of using Nutrabliss supplements over other brands?

Nutrabliss prioritises several factors to set itself apart: High-Quality Ingredients: We focus on using natural, clean ingredients. Scientific Backing: Our formulations are based on scientific research to ensure optimum benefits. Transparency: We believe in transparency, listing all ingredients clearly on our labels. Variety of Options: We offer a wide range of products to cater to diverse health needs. Excellent Customer Service: Our friendly team is readily available to answer your questions and support your wellness journey. Ultimately, the best way to choose is to research and compare. However, Nutrabliss strives to provide high-quality, science-backed supplements with a commitment to transparency and exceptional customer service..